Natural Nail System

Get a “Just Manicured Look” in 10 minutes!

Our Natural Nail System is a TIME SAVER and gives you professional looking results that you can do yourself! Using the Natural Nail Care System (for the first time) will take about 20 to 30 minutes. After that, it takes only a few minutes weekly to maintain a high gloss natural shine. You literally treat yourself to an expensive professional manicure in your own home. Finally, a low maintenance natural system that produces nails with a healthy and natural glossy shine. No more expensive manicures or damaging acrylics.

INSTRUCTIONS for USE are listed below items

Special SET Pricing is $65! SAVE $15!

(Includes Set of 3 Pads, 1 Crystal Nail File, 1 Nail White, 1 Nail Hardener, & 1 Cuticle Treatment Pen)








Our Nail Hardener is scientifically designed and formulated to strengthen and harden the surface of finger and toe nails without using harmful chemicals. It is Hypo-Allergenic and Formaldehyde free. This product contains a polyester resin which bonds with the fibers on the surface of the nail giving the nail added backing. This polish can be used as a base coat to protect the nail from the formaldehyde found in most polishes. Can also be used as a top coat sealer. Also dries in 60 seconds.



Our Cuticle Treatment is designed to soften and condition dry cuticles using only the finest natural oils available. Ingredients include Almond Oil, Sesame Oil, Evening Primrose, and Tea Tree Oil to name a few. Our oil comes in a pump action pen for your convenience. Retinol is added to shrink the cuticle against the surface of the nail. To start the flow of oil gently depresses the tip. It is Hypo-Allergenic and Formaldehyde free. Carry it with you and use as often as desired.

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Always start with clean hands making sure any hand cream residue is removed. This could clog the working surfaces of your pads. For best results, keep pads and file as dust free as possible. They can easily be cleaned with a toothbrush. The surfaces can be cleaned with alcohol and a makeup sponge. This will remove any oil, especially important with the #3 pad…It should always appear dull…not shiny. Remember that #1 and #2 pads are used on the entire surface of the nail only the first time after that they are used only on new growth #1 monthly and #2 bi-monthly.

File and Shape Nails

Decide on the desired length and shape of the nails. The Crystal File has thousands of tiny razor sharp cutting edges, which professionally cut, and shape the nail smoothly and evenly. Unlike conventional files, the Crystal File can be used in both directions. Emery boards and diamond or steel files leave tiny tears in the tip of the nails allowing moisture and detergents to penetrate, causing splitting, chipping, and peeling. Use either end of the file to gently push back the cuticle at the base of the nail.

Step #1: Black Pad – Clean

The black #1 pad removes ridges, blemishes and stains. Buff the entire surface of the nail once and thereafter buff the new growth at the base of the nail.. Use Once Only Every Four Weeks!

Step #2: White Pad – Condition

The white #2 pad brings the natural oils of the nail to the surface, producing a pink and healthy nail, with a smooth satin texture. It also massages the nail, stimulates blood circulation beneath the nail, which enhances growth. Use This Pad Every Two Weeks!

Step #3: Gray Pad – Shine

This pad brings the nail to a beautiful glossy shine. A perfectly manicured nail, with the nail surface sealed against moisture and dirt as the result. The faster the buffing, the harder the shine and the longer it will last. When the shine begins the dull, just use this pad again. The shine should last 7 to 10 days. Use As Often as Desired!

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