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Lots of things have happened since it was first announced back in late July of 2017 that BeautiControl was being closed by Tupperware, it’s parent company.  Many of my clients did get my initial email informing everyone of this however there were many clients that did not get my email.  Along with even more changes through past few months regarding privacy and spam it is now more important than ever that IF you want to SUBSCRIBE to my Email Updates, News, Info, Beauty Tips, Health Tips, and much more…then you must go through my SIGN UP form and CONFIRM YOUR SUBSCRIPTION.  You can do that now by clicking the SUBSCRIBE to UPDATES button below!

I have listed below the first part of the email that I sent out recently…if you did NOT get this please email then please go through the SUBSCRIBE button above and if you are already subscribed it will tell you this.  Then you can let me know by emailing me at [email protected] and I can resend the email to you.  All new Subscribers will get the email sent to them so that they can learn all the details of what has transpired!

*From Susan Ramsey Your Image & Skin Care Consultant
In my last email to my clients, I announced that Tupperware was closing BeautControl.  This was so devastating not only to me…but you too!  We had NO warning whatsoever and Tupperware’s behavior regarding all of this from beginning to end was cold, short, deceiving, misleading, lies, etc.Consultants were sent an email in August informing us that our agreements would be terminated as of 8/31/17 which was also BeautiControl’s last day.  When 8/31/17 rolled around…this is exactly what happened.  Everything related to BeautiControl ceased to exist.

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