Facial5 Dermacare


Out of all of the products that I tried when looking for a comparable replacement to BeautiControl’s phenomenal products, Facial5 is the absolute closest I have found. The owner of Facial5 set out on a mission to emulate her favorite and best selling BeautiControl products only having them with all clean ingredients and all made in the USA and she has done an AMAZING job!


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Facial5 Dermacare has a very robust line of awesome products and will be adding more as time progresses. I believe that out of all of the products that BeautiControl had between my clients and myself…our most favorites was the Perfecting Wet/Dry, Cream to Powder Foundation and Creme Sheer Protection Foundation! I am still so excited to have found such an AWESOME replacement for these 3 products with Facial5 and also to say that the colors in these products match the BeautiControl colors too! In Facial5 we have the Wet Dry Powder Foundation (Wet/Dry) and the 9 to 5 Foundation (Cream to Powder/Creme Sheer) (Double Size Container) as the replacements. I can’t wait for you to try these! Please TEXT/CALL me at 256-810-8643 if I can help you with any choices or finding your color!